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Information on crimes and offences committed has been provided by the Bureau of Public Safety, Ministry of Justice. These statistics highlight the changing patterns of criminal activity detected over the past five years.

Crime Statistics by Category: 2012 to 2018

Type of Crimes2012201320142015201620172018
FELONY CRIMES 1/473793711874541048915665214
Adultery and Sexual Assaults1-710111414-1367
     Rape & Attempted rape1-11211-3-3
     Sexual abuse & assaults--6991313-734
Child Abuse--3-1---33-
Illegal Activities and Misconduct121691328163521149427
     Illegal cultivation of marijuana--64--128422-
     Illegal entry--11--------
     Illegal fishing--14--------
     Illegal import/possession of firearm or ammo---2321144-
     Illegal possession/smuggling of controlled substance10--29774642443367
     Illegal removal of historical property-1---------
     Receiving stolen goods2----------
     Escape from Prison--3-3---11-
     Obstruction of justice--3--------
     Autotheft & armed robbery---12------
     Petit and Grand Larceny349392037527418162---
     Arson, burglary, kidnapping, murder & manslaughter96-58576944----
     Cheating, counterfeiting, embezzlement, forgery & fraud1213-1210422---
     Gambling and trafficking3---211----
MISDEMEANOR CRIMES 2/7621,4799131,0352,3333,4202,8815392,9872,872115
Assault & Battery30834720154499----
Violation of law & order and traffic rules and Violation of Court Order4541,1328938812,3293,4112,8725392,9872,872115
     Illegal consumption of liquor/Minor Consuming Liquor-624417626463164559
     Criminal Libel-2---11-11-
     Disturbing peace224211122--------
     Drinking in public4303310-4848-1192
     Drunk & disorderly conduct3424329636055360059825245159
     Driving under influence of alcohol/Reckless driving-74454311050482127127-
     Malicious Mischief/Nuisance192179171145228225225-153153-
     Obscene calls--8--------
     Violation of court order--7599----
     Violation of traffic rules & curfew order-31227741,7471,2484991,5261,46957
     Hit and run--28633-22-
     Traffic accidents-2651532223043753423334031030

Source: Bureau of Public Safety, Ministry of Justice
1/ Felony Crimes are with penalty of more than $1,000 or imprisonment of no less than a year
2/ Misdemeanor Crimes are with penalty of less than $1,000 or imprisonment of less than a year