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The mission of the bureau is to formulate the ROP annual national budget in line with approved developmental plans including the compilation of relevant economic and social statistics, geographic information, climate change impact, and project monitoring and evaluation to support policy development and implementation, and to certify the availability of funds for expenditures.


  • The bureau serves the Executive Branch and, through the President, the other branches as well as states and agencies of the Republic.
  • The Bureau primarily deals with governmental agencies including State Governments on budgetary matters but also deals with the private sector through the compilation of statistics, use of geographic information, climate change developments, and project management.
  • The Bureau also interacts regularly with regional and multilateral organizations on financial and programmatic issues relating to economic, social, and environmental initiatives.
  • The bureau is organized into 5 offices:
    1. Office of Budget and Management (OBM);
    2. Office of Planning and Statistics (OPS);
    3. Office of the Palau Automated Land and Resources Information System (PALARIS);
    4. Office of Climate Change (OCC); and
    5. Office of Project Management (OPM).

Mandates “Core Business Process”


  1. To timely and efficiently develop the national budget in line with approved policies and development strategies including the provision of reliable and professional revenue forecasts to use in support of the appropriation process;
  2. To certify the availability of funds so that budget authority established in appropriate laws is not exceeded for the period of time in effect for all programs and projects and assure a positive fund balance; and
  3. To develop, integrate and maintain performance budgeting and reporting into program activity budget development and implementation in order to promote efficiency and facilitate accountability for expenditures.


  1. To design, monitor and evaluate projects in support of economic, social, and environmental development objectives.


  1. To mainstream climate change in national government plans and strategies; and
  2. To coordinate and report on the implementation of the Climate Change Policy Framework.


  1. To establish, develop and maintain a general data dissemination system that provides reliable economic and socio-demographic statistics to support developmental planning and the formulation of appropriate economic and fiscal policies and their assessment; and
  2. To establish, develop and maintain a public sector investment program that monitor and evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the implementation of national and sector plans and strategies.


  1. To develop and maintain geographic information, technology, data, and services for use by national agencies, state governments, and the public; and
  2. To serve as Secretariat to the National Environmental Protection Council (NEPC).

Bureau Accountability “Performance Measures”

Organization Chart

Full Staffing Plan


Office of Budget & Management
Tel: (680) 767-1269/1270
Fax: (680) 767-5642

Office of Planning & Statistics 
Tel: (680) 767-2562/5801
Fax: (680) 767-5642

Office of Project Management 
Tel: (680) 767-8681
Fax: (680) 767-1006

Office of PALARIS 
Tel: (680) 488-6838/6654 or 767-8638
Fax: (680) 488-6460 or 767-1006

Office of Climate Change
Tel: (680) 767-8681
Fax: (680) 767-1006
Website: Palau Climate Change Portal