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OfficeContact Number
NEMO (National Emergency Management Office)680-587-6366/6367
Office of Statistics680-767-2562/5801
Division of Revenue & Taxation680-488-3303
Division of Customs – Malakal Main Office680-488-1985/4505/6031
Division of Customs – Airport Arrival Office680-587-2366
Division of Customs – Customs Airport Cargo680-587-2660
OfficeContact Number
Bureau of Immigration680-488-2498/2678
Division of Patrol680-488-1422/5000
Division of Patrol – Emergency 911911
OfficeContact Number
Civil Service Pension Plan680-488-3502/2523
Social Security Office680-488-1823/2457
Healthcare Fund (HCF)680-488-1409/1904
OfficeContact Number
MOH Hotline680-488-2558
Emergency Room680-488-2558
Outpatient Department680-488-2555
Medical Ward680-488-6383
Obstetrics Ward680-488-6102
Division of Behavioral Health680-488-4572/4573/1907
Division of Oral Health680-488-2440/2342
OfficeContact Number
Passport Office680-767-6330