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A Message from the Minister

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Environment has an important task of putting Palau on a path of becoming a food secure nation. In ensuring that the path we set benefits the people of Palau, MAFE will uphold these four core values: People, Environment, Science, and Service (PESS); these are values that reminds us of how we set our priorities and serve our stakeholders that will have positive impact on People, Environment, and Prosperity. Our approach will focus on 6 thematic areas: Policy, Institutional Capacity, Applied Research & Development, Extension Services, Accessibility to Market, and Knowledge Management. In this approach, the Ministry will strengthen its capacity as an institution to provide credible leadership in working with communities and the private sector to increase local capacity and investment toward increasing local food production. We emphasize that to become a food secure nation is our responsibility, #keledAngercheled. We believe that farmers, fishers, and those involved in our food system process are important actors in our community, livelihood, and economy, #respectProducers.

We recognize that to become a food secure nation is not an easy process and it will not take overnight to achieve. We are focusing on creating an enabling environment for the people of Palau and the government to get there. Achieving food security is ensuring that Palau’s Food System becomes a whole of government and whole of society’s approach. MAFE’s team will work diligently with other ministries, partners, communities, and private sector to establish a resilient Food System that supports people, livelihood and the economy bolstered by sustainable food production and wise management of our natural resources. Together as a ministry, we will hold ourselves accountable to this plan and to the people of Palau that we serve, #ngSebechel.

The Ministry envisions a Palau where sustainable food production and wise stewardship of our marine and terrestrial resources enhances the wellbeing and economic livelihoods of all.

Provide clear direction and leadership in natural resource management that optimizes benefits to our people, economy, and environment.

People: We believe empowered people become good stewards of the environment and drivers of equitable economic opportunity.
Environment: We affirm that a healthy environment contributes to a thriving society and a resilient economy.
Science: We aspire to create a work culture that promotes innovation, sound science, and knowledge-sharing.
Service: We commit to accountability and transparency in all the work that we do.

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Minister Steven Victor


Steven Victor
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