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In exercising our inherent sovereignty, We the people of Palau proclaim and reaffirm our immemorial right to be supreme in these islands of Palau, our homeland. We renew our dedication to preserve and enhance our traditional heritage, our national identity and our respect for peace, freedom and justice for all mankind. In establishing this Constitution of all the sovereign Republic of Palau. We venture into the future with full reliance on our own efforts and the divine guidance of Almighty God.

The Olbiil Era Kelulau, Belau’s National legislative body, is a bi-cameral National Congress made up of the House of Delegates and the Senate. Albeit both houses are given equal standing under our Constitution, the Senate was accorded the authority of advice and consent to Presidential appointments. There are twenty-three (23) members of the Seventh Olbiil Era Kelulau; sixteen (16) Delegates representing the sixteen states of Belau; and nine (9) Senators representing the residential population, with each member serving a four (4) year term. Pursuant to the Constitution of the Republic of Palau, the First Olbiil Era Kelulau was inducted into office from 1981 to 1984; the Second Olbiil Era Kelulau from 1985 to 1988; the Third Olbiil Era Kelulau from 1989 to 1992; the Fourth Olbiil Era Kelulau from 1993 to 1996; the Fifth Olbiil Era Kelulau from 1997 to 2000. The Sixth Olbiil Era Kelulau from 2001 to 2004. The incumbent Seventh Olbiil Era Kelulau from 2005 to year 2008.