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The National Emergency Committee: Public Advisory on El Niño Issued on October 13

The National Emergency Committee
October 13, 2017


The National Emergency Committee (NEC) and the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) hereby inform the General Public that current weather patterns in the Pacific indicate that the possibility of the occurrence of El Nino and drought in the Republic of Palau has reduced from 50% to 40%.

According to the Palau National Weather Service, sea surface temperatures of Palau and the Micronesia region have slightly cooled as compared to warmer temperatures in June, July, and August of 2017.   This slight change in sea surface temperature ultimately reduces the chances of El Nino occurring in Palau. While the possibility of drought now stands at 40%, the National Weather Service will continue to monitor weather patterns and advise the NEC, NEMO, and the General Public accordingly.

The NEC continues to implement voluntary actions of public advisory notices including enhanced water conservation measures, national and state needs assessments and supplies inventory, and maintenance of existing water sources with on-going water supply level monitoring and weather forecasts updates.

Water Conservation is instrumental in addressing any predicted water shortage. The General Public including the public and private sector is urged to practice water conservation by minimizing water use and detecting and repairing water leaks in government property, private businesses and residences.

Click on the following link to download this advisory in PDF: NEC Public Advisory on El Nino October 13_Final