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2017 State of the Republic Address

President Remengesau delivers the 2017 State of the Republic Address on April 13, 2017

Palau is truly a unique environment. As I have said for decades now, it is our goose that lays the golden egg and we must cherish and save it for our children. 

So let us continue on our course of environmental concern and work to complete the job that we started together, preserving our natural environment through the most effective series of protected area networks, particularly the marine protected areas, in the world.

And while we move to stabilize this course that joins economic development, environmental protection and cultural integrity, let us also remember that, as leaders, we must work for each and every citizen of Palau and for their well-being. In moving forward, we must not leave even a single Palauan behind. 

I therefore commit myself, over the next four years, to work with you and with the People to strengthen our governmental institutions and to fortify the underpinnings to a strong and vibrant future. We must ensure that everyone shares in the benefits of economic development. 

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