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March 14, 2024

KOROR, PALAU — President Surangel S. Whipps, Jr. is submitting a supplemental budget bill to the Olbiil Era Kelulau that would support improvements in the economy, education, safety, and health of the people of Palau.

It also aims to increase the minimum wage in a responsible manner: 75 cents this October, then another 75 cents next October, to bring the rate to $5 by October 2025.

“This supplemental budget was thoughtfully developed to address the needs of our community while also balancing that with our revenues to ensure we are being responsible with our spending and not putting our children into debt,” President Whipps stated.

The supplemental budget also aims to help those who need it most by:

– Increasing child raising subsidy from $100 to $200 and changing the eligibility requirement to make sure that ALL Palauan children are helped.

– Increasing subsidies for the severely disabled increase to $250 for homebound individuals and $200 for blind or wheelchair-bound.

– Providing $480 in tax refunds for those earning between $15,000 and $30,000.

– Providing Retired Citizens Assistance: $1.056M to provide $480 per individual for retired citizens over the age of 60 residing in Palau with no employment earnings or business income.

Additional highlights of the supplemental budget include:

– Ministry of Education: $2.25M

o Bureau of School Operations: $1.6M

o Bureau of Curriculum & Instructions: $500,000

o School books, supplies & equipment: $100,000

– Ministry of Justice: $830,344 for the Bureau of Public Safety

– Ministry of Finance: $627,150 for PEWA, Economic Diversification Initiatives, and all bureaus

– Ministry of Health & Human Services: $1,998,940

o Palau Severely Disabled Assistance Fund: $206,400

o Public Health & Human Services: $231,660

o Hospital & Clinical Services: $917,040

– Office of the President: $175,000

o Council of Chiefs: $75,000 to help with the Traditional Leaders’ Forum

o Office of the President: $100,000 to secure optimal community services

– Office of the Vice President: $48,713

o NEMO: $23,713

o Office of the VP: $25,000

– MHRCTD: $173,000

o For OBF, Youth Activities under Bureau of Human Services, funding for public bus transportation fuel and bus driver, and overtime for upcoming events

– Ministry of State: $620,772

o For embassies in Washington DC, Philippines, Japan, Republic of China-Taiwan, United Nations, and the Guam Consulate Office to return to their pre-covid budgets.

o Bureau of Foreign Affairs & Trade: $50K

– MAFE: $220,000

o For the Bureau of Agriculture

– MPII: $1,298,720

o For Bureaus of Communication, Aviation, Marine Transportation, and National Capital Electricity and Maintenance

– Palau Housing Authority: $262K

o For loan payment

– Judiciary: $1,260,000

o For new case management system, salary increase, and establishing a public website to host all of Palau’s laws


– Micro Games: $350K

– 30th Independence Day: $100K

– Festival of the Pacific Arts: $150K

– Minatobashi Bridge Japan ODA Resettlement: $600K

– Saipan-Belau Bai Project: $150K

– NDBP: $250K

– Pacific Mini Games Dues: $200K

– Palau Buildings on Guam Repairs: $75K

You can watch the video where President Whipps discusses the supplemental budget on