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Special Weather Statement: February 11, 2018 (As of 4:45 PM)

Sunday, February 11, 2018
4:45 PM

This is a Special Weather Statement Update from the National Emergency Management Office in collaboration with the National Weather Service informing the public that a Tropical Storm 02W has slowed down and weakened as it approaches Palau. Heavy showers, isolated thunderstorms and windier conditions of 25-30 mph with wind gusts of up to 40 mph will be expected tonight.

Sea and Surf conditions may become hazardous during this time with a combination of swells and wind waves across Palau. The public is reminded to secure any loose items around their residences and to take precaution when driving for possible flooding, landslides/mudslides and debris.

NEMO and the National Weather Service will continue to monitor weather conditions and will update the public accordingly.


Tia subed loltobed er ngii a obis ra NEMO ma Kansok el louchais el kmo tial Tropical Storm 02W a mla merael el mo soro a retell er a bebul a daob e merael el mo mechitechut a klisichel.

A ikal obis a ouchais el kmong melemolem a techellel a klou el chull ma derumk ma klisichel a yolt a mo remurt ra bekord el 25-30 mph lobengkel a yab el mo ngara 40 mph.

A iuul ma daob ra ikrel a chelemoll meng dirrek el melemolm el meringel er chelchang el mo lmmut er se lorael tial Tropical Storm 02W el mocheroid ra beluad.

Malewaisei, ea uleklatk a mora buai el kmo, dongetmokl a mauari er kid e bode kerekikl a tekoi ra bekall ra rael leng mo klou a techellel a rael el mielb malechub eng mongkangk.

Ma aikal obis a melemolem lomes er tial teletelel a yanged ma daob e mouchais lokiu tial radio station.


Kom kmal mesulang,


Waymine Towai

Click on the following link to download this statement: Special Weather Statement February 11 (As of 4 PM)