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Small Craft Advisory: October 16

October 16, 2017


Due to the current weather conditions, the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) is issuing a SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY to all boaters in the Republic of Palau traveling to Kayangel, Angaur, Peleliu and outside the reef.  At the same time, the Small Craft Advisory Flags have been raised.

Water conditions in these areas are relatively rough at this time and NEMO requests that ALL sea bound boaters take all precautionary measures and observe all marine safety regulations.

If you are traveling to Angaur, Peleliu, Kayangel or outside the reef and the water conditions are too rough, DO NOT proceed to these areas/destinations.


Tia subed el loltobed er ngii a National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) el kmo aikel rokui el banderang ra Small Craft Advisory a ulngerd el mora rokui lou bilas ma rou chert. A omerael el mora Angaur, Beliliou, Ngcheangel ma ikrel a elmoll a ngar ngii eng di a bol sal meringel a daob elak bor aikal basio.

A uleklatk a mora buai mar chad lou bilas ma rou chert me bol kerekikl e loltirakl a llechul a bekall era daob melak el uchul el dubech a kerrior.

A obis ra NEMO a melemolem el lomes ra teletelel a daob e chouchais ra buai lokiu tial station.


Click on the following link to download this advisory: Small Craft Advisory (October 16, 2017)