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Repatriated Palau Residents Update: All Remain Under Quarantine and Symptom-Free

June 15 — The National Emergency Committee (NEC) would like to inform the public that all 58 travelers who were repatriated from Taiwan and Guam last week are doing well and remain under strict quarantine at government quarantine sites.

72 hours prior to their arrival into Palau, all travelers weretested negative for COVID-19, and precautions were taken to minimize potential exposure they might have with frontline workers involved in the repatriation process. All travelers remainin the quarantine facilities under strict securityprovided by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) national police 24-hours a day andare monitored twice daily by Ministry of Health (MOH) workers by phone. Reports so far indicate that all quarantined individuals have remained compliant with quarantine requirements, including staying inside their rooms and having family members utilizing the proper process for sending packages to them through Palau Red Cross. MOH surveillance reports also indicate that all quarantine subjectshave remainedfree of COVID-19 symptoms so far.

Once again, we thank the community and appeal for kindness, solidarity, and support as we continue to ensure the health and safety of all in Palau. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact NEC Liaison Officer Ms. Ritter Udui at 775-0084 or MOH EOC Deputy Incident Commander Mr. Gaafar Uherbelau at 775-1310. For general information on COVID-19, contact the MOH Hotline at 488-0555.