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Quarantine Ends For All 58 Repatriated After Negative COVID-19 Test Results

June 26, 2020

The  National  Emergency  Committee (NEC) is  pleased  to  inform  the  public  that  all  58 repatriated residents were tested for COVID-19 on Day 14, and all results were negative.

As of today, June 26, 2020, all of them join their loved ones at home. All repatriated individuals were asked to monitor their health for an additional 14 days, and limit their movements and contact with other people. Furthermore, they were given appointments for their last COVID-19 tests on day 7 during their home quarantine.

We would like to remind everyone that these residents have gone through four tests, all of which have been negative for COVID-19. We thank the community for its support and kindness as we welcome our fellow residents back home.

If  you  have  any  questions  or  need  further  information  on  quarantine  activities,  please  contact NEC EOC Liaison Officer, Ms. Ritter Udui at 775-0084, or the MOH EOC Deputy  Incident Commander, Mr. Gaafar Uherbelau at 775-1310.