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Public Advisory: Palau Placed on El Niño Watch

May 17, 2017

The National Emergency Committee (NEC) and The National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) is placing the Republic of Palau under the “EL NINO WATCH” and announce that current weather patterns in the Pacific indicate that the Republic of Palau has a up to a 65% chance of experiencing Severe Drought Conditions to occur in August 2017.

The weather phenomenon, El Nino, is a Pacific weather cycle that creates high sea surface temperatures that bring rain and storms to the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean, opposite of their normal course of coming to the west where Palau is located.

The National Weather Service Office has informed the NEC that global weather monitoring stations indicate a strong possibility that prolonged extreme dry conditions may occur in the Republic of Palau beginning August 2017 with an expected duration of up to 10 months.  Expected dry conditions will be similar to the previous drought Palau experienced in 2016. While the possibility of drought stands at 50% to 65% to date, the National Weather Service Office will continue to monitor any changes and inform the NEC, NEMO and the General Public accordingly.

El Nino brings extreme dry conditions (Drought) with very little scattered rainfall to the Republic of Palau.  The amount of rainfall predicted for Palau between the months of August 2017 and April 2018 will not be sufficient to maintain adequate water levels in Palau’s two main water reservoirs (Ngerimel and Ngerikiil), including main water sources in all other States.

Water Conservation is instrumental in addressing predicted water shortage. The General Public including the private sector is urged to practice water conservation measures by minimizing water use and detect and repair water leaks in government property, private businesses and residences.