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President Remengesau Introduces Bill to Disrupt Repeat Drug Offenses

For Immediate Release
Serial No. PR-18-085
January 23, 2018
Office of the President

President Remengesau Introduces Bill to Disrupt Repeat Drug Offenses 

On January 21, President Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr. introduced a legislation to strengthen the bail process by disrupting repeat methamphetamine drug traffickers from re-offending or continuing to offend while awaiting disposition of the case.

In his transmittal to Senate President Hokkons Baules and Speaker Sabino Anastacio, President Remengesau stated, “It has become a regular occurrence to hear of methamphetamine traffickers, caught red-handed with large quantities of this destructive substance, released with slap-on-the-wrist bail terms. The consequences cannot be missed: these offenders go right back onto our streets and right back to their deadly trade. Unless we change our strategy, we will continue to see the same outcome.”

The bill further set the presumptive bail in cases involving the transport, sale, distribution, or possession of methamphetamine at $10,000 or ten (times) the estimated street value of methamphetamine alleged to have been sold, possessed, distributed, or transported.

Click on the following link to download this press release:  Press Release re. New Bill Introduced to Disrupt Repeat Drug Offenses_23JAN2018_FINAL

Click HERE to download a copy of the proposed legislation.