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Notice of Public Hearing: MOH Rules & Regulations on Isolation and Quarantine

12 June 2020

Notice of Rulemaking:

Regulations have been promulgated to govern the isolation and quarantine of contagious diseases pursuant to 34 PNC § 102(M) and 34 PNC § 701. These regulations define the Ministry of Health’s isolation and quarantine authority and provide minimum standards for isolation and quarantine facilities and will replace the emergency regulations promulgated on April 3, 2020 pursuant to 6 PNC § 126.

Public Hearing:

The public is hereby informed that the Ministry of Health, Bureau of Public Health, will hold a public hearing on these regulations at the Ministry of Health conference room, at 2:00 PM on July 13, 2020.

Comment Period:

The public is hereby informed that the public notice period has commenced and will continue until 5:00 PM on July 13, 2020. Questions, comments, or concerns may be forwarded to the Office of Health Policy, Research and Development (HPRD) of the Bureau of Public Health, or by email to Copies of the regulations are available at the Bureau of Domestic Affairs.

Sbedel tia el llach:

A kerebil a llach el kirel a ulekereuil a charm me a lechub e te chad el smecher er a bekoiuiuul el rakt a kltmokl el oltirakl er a 34 PNC subsection 102(M) me a 34 PNC subsection 701. Tia el kerebil a llach a mekngerechelii e msa klisiich a Ministry er a Health el kutmokl a olsechall el kirir a rechad el mo smecher er tia el rakt.

Orenges Buai:

A buai a sbadel el kirel a orenges buai el mo er ngii el mo ouchais a urerel a Ministry er a Health, me a Bureau er a Public Health el di mo er ngii er a Ministry of Health conference room, era 2:00pm, July 13, 2020.

Klemengetel a Orenges Buai:

A buai a dirrek el sbadel el kirel tia el mla duubech el tekoi er chelecha el mo lmuut era 5:00 PM, July 13, 2020. A ngii di el ker me a uldasu, rrau el reng el kirel tiang a sebechel el muchais el mo er a obis er a Health Policy, Research, and Development (HPRD) era Bureau era Public Health. A mui el omesodel tia el kerebil a llechul a urerel a Ministry er a Health a sebechel el mengai er a Obis er a Domestic Affairs.