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NEC Issues Water Shortage Watch


April 7, 2020



The National Emergency Committee (NEC) is placing the Republic of Palau under “Water Shortage WATCH” beginning April 8, 2020 and informs the general public that water reservoir levels at Ngerimel and Ngerikiil, Airai have fallen drastically in recent days due to lack of rainfall and high consumption of water. The NEC advises the general public that should water levels continue to fall drastically as it did in recent days, the Republic will be put on Water Shortage WARNING and a water rationing schedule will be implemented by the Palau Public Utilities Corporation.

Water Conservation is instrumental in addressing water shortage. The NEC is encouraging the general public including the public and private sector to practice water conservation measures by minimizing water use and limit water use to ESSENTIALS only, as advised by the Palau Public Utilities Corporation.

The general public is also advised that car washing, water blasting, and non-essential use of water is PROHIBITED at this time until further notice as advised by the Palau Public Utilities Corporation. The public is advised to conserve water whenever possible.

Historical data from the Palau National Weather Service Office indicate that the months of February, March and April are normal dry months for the Republic of Palau with minimal rainfall.  The amount of rainfall forecast for Palau for the months of April to  May 2020 may not be sufficient to maintain adequate water levels in Palau’s two main water reservoirs (Ngerimel and Ngerikiil), including main water sources in all other States. 

The Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) will continue to monitor water levels and inform the NEC and the general public accordingly.

Click HERE to download this press release.