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Marshall Islands Officials Visit Palau for a Learning Exchange Program

For Immediate Release
Serial No. PR-18-095
February 13, 2018
Office of the President

Marshall Islands Officials Visit Palau for a Learning Exchange Program

President Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr. on February 13th met Minister-in-Assistance and Minister of Environment David Paul, Minister of Natural Resources and Commerce Dennis Momotaro and members of their delegation from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, who are visiting Palau as part of a learning exchange on the Protected Areas Network (PAN) Program.

President Remengesau welcomed the delegation and expressed, “sharing of information is the Micronesian way. Our nations share mutual priority for sustainable livelihood. We share a mutual mission in the region for a combined ocean security.” He further shared with the delegation, “Whatever progress that has made been in Palau for conservation and protection of the ocean is because of the level of participation and support from the grassroots, traditional leaders through the implementation of an ancient conservation method called “bul”, fishermen and the community itself. The key relies in the community”.

Minister Paul shared challenges faced in the Marshall Islands such as the significant loss of sea cucumbers that caused a domino effect in the reef impacting coral and fish species. This loss, he explains, has strained the community and compelled local fishers to fish beyond the reef and in more dangerous areas of the ocean. He further stated, “The objective of this learning exchange is to learn more about how Palau’s Protected Areas Network (PAN) is being implemented and how it impacts the Republic of Palau. Palau is a good example of an island nation with successful conservation measures”. Insights and information shared during this visit is anticipated to help the Marshall Islands’ leaders identify the best ways possible to implement policies and regulations to be better guardians and custodians of their ocean resources.

In addition to learning more about the policies and regulations that make up the PAN Program, the delegation plans to learn more about Palau’s legislations, monitoring and enforcement of the fish spawning seasons and the implementation of the Recycling Program and the Redemption Center.

Since arriving to Palau, the delegation has visited the Bird Sanctuary in Ngeremlengui, the Nabeyama Aquaculture Farm in Ngatpang and the Ngiwal PAN site.

Minister Paul and Minister Momotaro’s delegation includes Mayor Hirata Kabua of Kwajelein Atoll, Director Clarence Samuel of the Environmental Planning & Policy Coordination Office and Director Willy Kostca of the Micronesian Conservation Trust.

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