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Help Stop the Spread of Rumors and False Information About COVID-19


•  Ministry of Health urges the public to get factual information on COVID-19 from trusted sources.

•  The widespread creation, publication, and sharing on social media of false, fraudulent, and unsubstantiated content about claims of vaccines and cures  for  COVID-19 continues to occur on the internet.

The Ministry of Health urges everyone in the community to get their information on COVID-19 from trusted sources. Rumors, fake news, and other false information can easily circulate in communities during a crisis. This can lead to panic, fear and adverse consequences.

Trusted sources of information on COVID-19 include:

•  Palau Ministry of Health

•  US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

•  World Health Organization (WHO)

Beware of criminals who disguise themselves as credible agencies, such as the WHO or CDC, with the goal of stealing money or causing other harm. If you are unsure, verify the information with the Ministry of Health before acting upon it or disseminating it. Help the community by doing your part to stop the spread of disinformation –do not believe the rumors and fraudulent information. Do not pass them along, and go to trusted sources of information to get the facts!

The Ministry of Health continues to emphasize the importance of preventive measures,  including  frequent handwashing, practicing proper coughing/sneezing etiquette, avoiding  sick people, social distancing, self-quarantine for travelers, and self-isolation for sick  individuals.

For information on COVID-19, call the MOH Hotline at 488-0555.

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