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Human Resources & Development Office

The Human Resources & Development (HRD) Office exists in order to help the Ministry of Health achieve its stated goals and purpose by performing several key roles:

A Service and Administrative Role. HRD Staff can provide information of staff-related MOH & Government Policies. They work with the Bureau of Public Service System (BPSS) to announce vacancies and recruit staff as well as process action forms, employment contracts, and follow up on staff-related inquiries/questions.

Monitoring and Reviewing. HRD works closely with the other departments to ensure that all HRD Policies & Processes such as orientation, essential skills training, staff appraisals, and reward & recognition are being carried out in accordance to the Ministry of Policies. HRD also reviews job specifications, position descriptions, and classifications to ensure the position demands as well the remuneration are equitable and fair across the agency.

An Executive Role. This role involves working with the Senior Management Team in areas such as Policy Development, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Leadership, and Education/Training in order to maximize the effectiveness of workforce planning and change management.

A Facilitation Role. This role involves assisting other departments to achieve the goals or standards as laid out in the HRD Policies of the organization. This may involve supporting hew managers in areas such as performance management as well delivering a series of training modules relating to people of management.

A Consultancy Role. Senior HRD Staff are available to advise managers on how to tackle specific staff management issues, assisting mangers in departmental reviews, job design, career ladders, job classifications, and succession plans.


Arnice Yuji
Human Resources Administrator

Maelee Sokau
Administrative Specialist I

Morisang Udui
Administrative Assistant


MOH Employee Handbook

MOH 2016 Annual Report

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680-488-2552 or 2553 ext. 242

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