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Hospital Trust Fund

The Hospital Trust Fund was first established in February 1995 by the Republic of Palau Public Law 4-32, Section 46 (RPPL 4-32, Section 46) as a segregated fund to receive revenues collected by the Belau National Hospital, the Dental Clinic, and the Community Health Centers including pharmaceutical sales and accounts receivables. The funds were to be used “at the direction of the Palau Board of Health for promoting and protecting public health, providing medical services to the public, and operating & managing medical facilities as well as related matters.” Later, in 2008, the law amended and the Hospital Trust Fund became a special fund within the National Treasury (segregated from the other national government monies). The funds, directed by the Minister of Health, are to be used to:

  1. Purchase Medical and Pharmaceutical Supplies
  2. Purchase Medical Equipment & Parts, Services of Specialty Clinics, Maintenance of Contracts, and other components of hospital operations at the discretion of the Minister of Health
  3. Address unavoidable emergencies certified by the Ministry of Health. When the Ministry of Health certifies an unavoidable emergency, the use of the Hospital Trust Fund shall be exempt to the requirements of 40 Palau National Code, Chapter 6 (40 PNC Chapter 6)

Contact Information

680-488-2552 or 2553