Health Preparedness, Policy & Research Office

The Health Preparedness, Policy & Research (HPPR) Office is responsible for developing policy that advances broad and specific health goals through legislation, regulations, policies, and directives. HPPR currently Houses the emergency health programs: Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP), Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP), Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC), the Institutional Review Board, and Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI).

The Emergency Health Program (PHEP/HPP) is responsible for coordinating health preparedness activities including extensive planning, social marketing/public awareness campaigns, exercises/drills, education, and training with key partners to ensure an effective and coordinated response to health threats. These activities happen with the Ministry of Health and the community.


Ritter Udui
Administrative Manager
[email protected]

Maloreen A. Renguul
Administrative Assistant II
[email protected]

DilJune E. Ngiraswei
Preparedness Training & Exercise Coordinator
[email protected]

Komtil Ngirmang
Hospital Preparedness Program Coordinator
[email protected]

Gafaar Uherbelau
Social Marketer
[email protected]

Dantye Meltel Dodd
Administrative Assistant II
[email protected]

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