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Health Preparedness, Policy & Research Office

The Health Preparedness, Policy & Research (HPPR) Office is responsible for developing policy that advances broad and specific health goals through legislation, regulations, policies, and directives. HPPR currently Houses the emergency health programs: Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP), Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP), Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC), the Institutional Review Board, and Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI).

The Emergency Health Program (PHEP/HPP) is responsible for coordinating health preparedness activities including extensive planning, social marketing/public awareness campaigns, exercises/drills, education, and training with key partners to ensure an effective and coordinated response to health threats. These activities happen with the Ministry of Health and the community.


Ritter Udui
Administrative Manager

Maloreen A. Renguul
Administrative Assistant II

DilJune E. Ngiraswei
Preparedness Training & Exercise Coordinator

Komtil Ngirmang
Hospital Preparedness Program Coordinator

Gafaar Uherbelau
Social Marketer

Dantye Meltel Dodd
Administrative Assistant II

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