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Eurasia and Mariana Express Lines Reiterates Commitment to Serve Palau; Shipping Services Continue without Interruption

Eurasia Pacific Lines and its partner carrier Mariana Express Lines (MELL) have reiterated its commitment to the Government of Palau to continue shipping services without interruption despite the global novel coronavirus pandemic.  

In effort to decrease public anxiety from misinformation as well as provide necessary assurance to the public, Minister Charles Obichang requested the shipping industry to immediately announce, publish and make readily available to the public their monthly shipping schedules effective immediately.

Eurasia Board of Directors Chairman Mason Whipps, expressed “despite of the challenges that we are facing globally, which have led to highly quarantine restriction and extended transit times, Eurasia and its partner carrier Mariana Express Lines will continue to fulfill our obligation to serve the islands with our current shipping frequency.”

Eurasia further committed to making their schedules readily available to the public to help dispel misinformation.

Click on the links below to read the correspondences between Minister Charles Obichang, Eurasia and MELL.