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Announcement – Business License Renewal for 2019

The Office of the Bureau of Revenue and Taxation wishes all taxpayers a happy new year and would like to express sincere appreciation to all the compliant taxpayers who have renewed their business licenses and paid their due taxes timely. Thank you very much.

As a reminder, this Office is announcing to the public that pursuant to 40PNC chapter 15, all business licenses for the Calendar year 2019 must have been renewed prior to January 1st of this year. Therefore, this office advises and encourages all business owners who have not renewed their 2019 business licenses to come forth, renew and pay applicable fees for their licenses. Any and all business licenses not renewed by 5:00 PM Friday, March 1st, 2019, shall be closed and deregistered in the Tax System. Thereafter, any and all business owners who continue to operate without a valid license for the year 2019 will be cited and fined accordingly.

This office further reminds all businesses that did not file and or did not pay for the 4th Quarter Gross Revenue Tax and other taxes that were due and payable on or before January 30, 2019, to immediately come forward and pay their due taxes no later than March 1st. 2019. Failure to comply will also result in de-registration. Any business owner continuing to operate without a valid business license will be cited for operating without a license. Should you have any questions regarding this announcement, please kindly contact the Tax Office at 488-2465/2580/3303 during regular government hours, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, and 1 :00 pm to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Thank you.

(In Palauan)

A Obis er kid ra Tax a kmalloureng ra ungil e bekkerredechel el beches el rrak el mora rokui el chad el loltirakl a llach ra Tax e dirrek el kmal ungil harau a tax el mera kabelment ra bek el time meng sebechel a kabelment el orrurt e mengedmokl ra beluad. Kom meral mesaul.

Tial obis a dirrek el kmal nguu tial techall e omeklatk rar bek el chad el ousiobai el kmo, a business license ra 2019 a kirel mla muk beches er chelechal time. Malsekum eng kora telkib el urebtakl a babier er kau el dirkak em renew malechub em file em harau malechub eng ngar ngii a kuabes el tax el medechel, e tial obis a kmal mengelechel er kau el file malechub eke harau ra uchei ra 5:00 pm March 1, 2019 el Ongeim el Ureor. A obo meioud er tial time ra March 1, 2019, e tial obis a mo suldii a registration ra kombalii er kau and close ra business license er kau. Ea omolmolem el ou siobai, e tial obis a mo meskau a ticket el kirel a kmo ‘ng diak a licensee kau a melmolem el ou siobai me ke melmall ra llach el 40PNC Chapter 15’. Ngdirrek, le ngar ngii a urebetakl el tax, e tial obis a mo melsau el luldak ra bakking ma interest e mengeriil er kau el telkael a temel; a copy ra ikal babier a dirrek el mo dars el mora obis ra Attorney General eng sebechem el mo tutakl ra court el kirel. Me tial obis a kmal lolengit ra ungil klaingeseu ra derta ma derta el chad el kirel otireklel a llach ra tax ra beluad el Belau. Ke kmal mesulang ,ea le ngar ngii a kerim e mou dengua el mera 488-2465/2580/3303 ra temel a ureor ra amt ra 8:00 am to 12:00pm rna 1:OOpm to 5:00pm ra Kot el mora Ongeim el ureor. Ko Mesulang.

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