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11 Cadets Successfully Complete 11th Basic Police Academy

For Immediate Release
Serial No. PR-17-059
October 4, 2017
Office of the President

11 Cadets Successfully Complete 11th Basic Police Academy

On September 29th, eleven cadets successfully completed their 7-week training program under the 11th Basic Police Academy.

The graduates, whom are all employed with the Ministry of Justice with ten cadets under the Division of Marine Law Enforcement and one with the Division of Fish & Wildlife Protection, are as follows:

  1. Mr. Wyzer Meyar Seklii
  2. Mr. Alcapone Nobuo
  3. Mr. Ashtin R. Renguul
  4. Mr. Gerald Ringang
  5. Mr. Allen Ngiralmau
  6. Mr. Jerry Ebas
  7. Mr. Harley Remoket
  8. Mr. Carlson Ngirturong
  9. Mr. Franley Chokai
  10. Mr. Olkeriil Kordonvan
  11. Mr. Kalany R. Higgins

President Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr. in his special remarks to the graduating cadets stated the responsibility they bear in law enforcement is an important act of “tekoi el beluu”, a common Palauan proverbial saying describing unity and teamwork for the sake of everyone. He further stated blood, sweat and tears is required in this line of work to safeguard and protect lives, property and our most precious marine resources.

Vice President and Minister of Justice Raynold B. Oilouch congratulated the cadets for pushing through and fulfilling the remaining requirement of their training as they prepare to man the Republic’s new patrol vessel.  The ten Marine Law Enforcement cadets are to be assigned to the new patrol boat PSS Kedam commissioned in Japan in partnership with the Republic of Palau, the Nippon Foundation and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

During the ceremony, special awards were presented to Mr. Seklii for perfect attendance and outstanding leadership, Mr. Nobuo for top physical fitness, Mr. Ebas, Mr. Nobuo and Mr. Renguul for top academic recognition, Mr. Ebas for top academic award, Mr. Olkeriil for against all odds and Mr. Higgins for top gun award.

The 11th Basic Police Academy was conducted from August 7 to September 29, 2017.

Click on the following link to download this press release: Press Release_11th Basic Police Academy Graduation_04OCT2017_FINAL