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Social Assistance Payments

Social Assistance for Informal Makit Sector

 A Palauan citizen involved that is involved in the informal makit sector who has gross revenue of $15,000 or less may apply to the Minister of Health and Human Services to receive social assistance payment of 4% of the citizens total makit revenue. This payment is subject to a maximum payment of $600.

Employees who are in formal employment who have had tax withheld from their salary and wages are not eligible to receive this benefit.


    • Register with the Ministry of Finance at the beginning of each tax year as an individual conducting business in the informal makit sector.
    • The citizen must also submit quarterly reports to the Director of Bureau of Revenue & Taxation detailing all makit transactions and revenue derived during the quarter
    • Citizens who receive any retirement income, including Social Security benefits, benefits from the Civil Service Pension Plan or any other source of retirement benefits are not eligible to receive payment.

Social Assistance payment for citizens on fixed incomes

A Palauan citizen who received Social Security benefits or payments from the Republic of Palau Civil Service Pension Plan and trust, or both whose total income (makit revenue and retirement income combined) is less than or equal to $15,000 in a year of tax is entitled to receive a social assistance payment of 4% of the individual makit revenue for the year, up to a maximum of $600.


A citizen must apply to the Ministry of Health and Human Services to receive this benefit

Child Raising Subsidy

A citizen whose total income does not exceed $15,000 in a tax year shall be entitled, upon application to the Ministry of Health and Human Services to a $100 subsidy payment for each of the citizen’s children.


    • Child must be a Palauan citizen
    • Child must have a Palauan Social Security Number
    • Child must be under the age of 18
    • Applicant must have legal custody of the child
    • Child must reside with the applicant full-time for at least 6 months of the year