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Public Advisory: New Water Hours (Tues, May 2, 2018)

The National Emergency Committee
May 2, 2018
WATER OFF: 12AM TO 5AM (5 HOURS) for all of Koror and Airai
The National Emergency Committee (NEC) continues to place the Republic of Palau under “Water Shortage WARNING –STAGE 2” and informs the general public that Mandatory Water Rationing for all of Koror and Airai will continue daily with NEW rationing hours – WATER OFF: 12AM TO 5AM (5 HOURS). Mandatory Water Rationing will continue daily during the same times until further notice from the National Emergency Committee.
Ngerimel Dam has had positive impacts to its water level since being shut down on April 5 and has reached as high as 15 feet over the past week compared to 7 feet 11 inches on April 5. Our water conservation efforts with the efficiency and productivity of Ngerikiil Dam have proven positive over the past week with substantial amounts of water being utilized to serve Koror and Airai. These positive results will allow PPUC to further shorten mandatory water rationing hours by one hour as of May 2 and begin turning the water OFF at 12AM and back on 5AM for Koror and Airai. PPUC will continue to monitor water levels and results of this action and work towards shorter water rationing hours for Koror and Airai.
The general public is urged to continue to use water wisely and for essential use only. Please do not use water to wash cars, driveways, walkways and for other non-essential activities such as water blasting.
The prevention of a nation-wide water shortage relies on each and every one of us to do our part and conserve water. The general public including the public and private sector is urged to practice water conservation measures by minimizing water use and detect and repair water leaks in government property, private businesses and residences.
Water conservation measures should be practiced especially during these critical times. Utilize your water meter to check for leaks and repair them if any. Report all major leaks to PPUC Customer Service at 488-3870/3872.
The Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) will continue to monitor water levels and inform the NEC and the general public accordingly.
Click HERE to download this public advisory in PDF.