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Funding for Palau’s Compact Review Agreement Has Been Signed!

March 11, 2024

KOROR, PALAU — President Surangel S. Whipps, Jr. updates members of the Senate, House of Delegates, Council of Chiefs and State Government leadership at a special Leadership Meeting that was called on March 11 to update them on the passage of funding for Compact Review Agreement. President Joe Biden signed it into law March 10 (Palau time).

President Whipps updated the OEK, COC and State Government officials on the appropriation of $889 million in funding for Palau’s Compact Review Agreement in Washington D.C.

President Biden signed into law the budget legislation that includes CRA funding on March 10 (March 9 ET). U.S. House and Senate passed the bill just days before the signing. President Whipps received notice Sunday, March 10, morning and called Speaker Anastacio and Senate President Baules to inform them and request a Leadership Meeting the following day.

President Joe Biden has signed the Fiscal Year 2024 Appropriations Minibus which passed the House of Representatives with broad support and a vote of 339 to 85 and then passed by Senators by a vote of 75 to 22. The legislation includes the $889 million for Palau, an amount that is 215% of the amount negotiated in 2020.