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The Office of the Attorney General represents and defends the legal interest of the people of Palau and Palau as a sovereign nation. As such, the AG’s office has a broad and comprehensive range of duties. It is well known that we have primary responsibility for the prosecution of criminal cases and appeals. We prosecute approximately 500 criminal cases annually, including murder, theft, assault, sex crimes, and misdemeanors. Moreover, the Attorney General is the chief legal counsel to the executive branch of Palau’s government, providing legal services to the President and all of the Ministers in the Republic of Palau, as well as bureaus and other agencies that regularly seek our services. In this regard, we defend Palau against civil claims and cases filed against Palau and its agencies. We also draft and review contracts, draft legislation and regulations, give advice concerning Palau’s obligations under international treaties, and give opinions on legal matters when requested by the executive branch.

These services are provided by an understaffed yet dedicated group of attorneys, investigators, trial counselor, and administrative staff working together to strive for justice for the people of Palau and all people protected by the Constitution of the Republic of Palau.

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 1365
Koror, Palau 96940
Tel. (680)488-2481/2487
Fax. (680)488-3329