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This information sheet has been created to provide you with some helpful tips and information about staying and enjoying Palau during the 13th PPSC Conference.  If you should have additional information or assistance, please contact Chief Terra Sairong Nabeyama at or 680-488-4776.


  • Allowed to bring in duty-free :
    • 2 (750ml) Alcohol
  • Departure Tax & Green Fee = $50.00 – This will be collected at the time of departure on the second floor of the airport right before you clear immigration.



*all of these hotels are within walking distance to the conference hall that we will hold the conference; except for the opening ceremony which will be held at the Capitol building (45 minute drive) from town center.


  • Airport to Hotel to Airport – The host will be providing transportation for participants of the conference from the airport to hotels.
  • To the Capitol Building for Opening Ceremony – Transportation (bus) will be provided to the Capitol Building in Ngerulmud, Melkeok (45 min – 1 hour drive) on the first day. The bus will only depart from the Palasia Hotel where all funded delegates will depart from.  If you are staying in other hotels, please make your way to the Palasia Hotel Palau in the center of town before 7:30 am.  The bus will depart at 7:30 am.  When you arrive in Palau, we will take note of the names of those who will take the bus to ensure we do not miss anyone.
  • To the Palau Tourism and Hospitality School (most of PPSCC Sessions will be held) – Most of the sessions for the PPSCC will be held at the Palau Tourism School of Excellence located in the campus of the Palau Community College. The School is in the center of town, and is also within walking distance of all the hotels listed above.  Various Vans will be available at Palasia Hotel on Day 2 for those that requiretransportation.  It is about a 7-10 minute walk from Palasia Hotel to the conference venue.
  • 3rd Day of Conference – The 3rd day of the conference will be held in a separate island called the State of Peleliu. The Republic of Palau will provide Transportation from Palasia Hotel to the Dock where all participants will get on speed boats.  It will require a 1 hour Boat ride from Koror to Peleliu.  Land transportation will also be provided for all participants in the island of Peleliu.
  • Rental Cars – there are various rental car booths at the arrival area of the airport. It is recommended that you make reservations before arriving in Palau.  If you need assistance, please contact and/or you can easily search car rental agencies online.


There will be 3 sites for the conference.

  • Capitol Building – The opening ceremony will be held at the Capitol Building in Ngerulmud, Melkeok. The Capitol Building was opened in 2006 and houses the 3 branches of the government – Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary.
  • Palau Tourism & Hospitality School of Excellence (PTHSE) – Most of Sessions will be held at the Palau Tourism & Hospitality School of Excellence which is located in the Palau Community College campus in the center of Koror State.
  • Peleliu State – The 3rd day of the conference will be held in the southern island state of Peleliu. This island is well known for the major battles in World War II between the US Marine Corps and the Imperial Japanese Army.  There are a lot of WWII remnants and beautiful scenery.  After the conference, a sightseeing trip will take the participants around the 10km island (optional).


  • 1st Day/Opening Ceremony – Please dress in your traditional business attire. We will be taking the official photograph at the Capitol Building.
  • 2nd Day – Business Attire
  • 3rd Day (Peleliu Site) – Since we will be taking a boat, we recommend that you wear something comfortable (Shorts and Aloha Shirts for Men; and shorts and light blouse for women).
  • Sightseeing trip around Peleliu – For those that will be taking the sightseeing drive around Peleliu, we recommend that you bring extra clothes (t-shirt and shorts). In addition, you may be able to take a swim and/or short hike or walk, so we recommend that you bring sunblock and hats/caps.
  • WelcomeDinner – will be held at the Belau National Museum grounds. This will be an outside event, and we recommend comfortable island dress (aloha shirts and dresses are appropriate).
  • Farewell Dinner Gala – will be held at the 5-star Palau Pacific Resort (PPR), and island formal attire is appropriate.


  • Palau National Communications Corporation is the only mobile telcom carrier in Palau.
    • Sim cards & Airtime—$25 (PNCC sim cards can be purchased at PNCC Koror Office)
    • WIFI Hot Spot—$5, $10, $20 (PNCC hotspots and Palau Telecom)


  • Electrical sockets (outlets) in the Republic of Palau (Belau) usually supply electricity at between 110 and120 volts If you’re plugging in a U.S. or Canadian120 voltappliance, or an appliance that is compatible with multiple voltages, then an adapter is all you need.  If you are using a 220-240V appliances, then you will need a Plug adapter + step-up transformer



  • Staring/looking at someone in the eye—considered rude and disrespectful.
  • When offered food, accept and/or try a little bit as it is generally rude to decline completely.
  • A handshake in a professional setting is the norm.
  • Bow of head—generally a sign of respect, especially when elders or a group of people are gathered.
  • Practice General Safety Measures – Although Palau (Koror) is generally a very safe place with very low crime rate, it is always recommended not walking alone at night (please use a buddy system) and be mindful of your environment.
  • Tipping—not mandatory but appreciated if you receive AWESOME service. Normally tips can go from a couple of dollars to a % of the bill if you are feeling generous.  Review your bill before leaving a tip as most large establishments include a 10-20% mandatory service charge.



  • Coffee Beanery, By Surangel Department Store (3 minutes walk from Hotel) – free wi-fi with purchase of drink/food


  • Various stores are located around the area where you will most likely stay.
    • WCTC Shopping Center
    • Surangel& Son’s Store
    • Jezzrae Wear


  • Meluches l’ Dil Beauty Salon
  • Penthouse Beauty Shop
  • Klamiokl Beauty Shop (IA Enterprise)
  • K&C Beauty Salong
  • Yrang’s Beauty Salon


  • Rur
  • Basibik Gift Shop
  • Tebang Gift Shop
  • Museums (Belau National Museum and the Etpison Museum)
  • Old Age Center


  • Bank of Hawaii—2 ATMS located at WCTC Shopping Center & Main Bank (Medalaii Main Road)
  • Bank of Guam—ATMS Located at Main Bank (Medalaii main Road)
  • Bank Pacific— 3 ATMS located at Main Bank (Lebuu Street), Mobile Topside & WCTC Airai


  • Most Major Stores closes at 9/10pm
  • Few Mini-Stores closes at 11pm
  • Few Gas Stations Closes at 130am
  • Bars Closes at 2am
  • Fast Food Wagons Closes 3am
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