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The Bureau of Human Resources, also known as Personnel or BPSS, is responsible for the day-to-day management of programs and activities involving employees of the National Government. We identify, obtain, and develop the human resources needed to accomplish the goals of the Executive Branch of the Republic of Palau. BHR administers training programs to upgrade the skills and qualifications of National Government employees; formulates rules, regulations, polices and procedures to carry out the provisions of the National Public Service System Act.

We foster and develop in cooperation with the Appropriate Management Officials and others, programs to promote the public service system and the improvement of employee efficiency. In conjunction with the Attorney General, we also provide technical assistance and advice regarding the Public Service System regulations, including the issuance of directives and the establishment of procedures to effectuate these regulations, and make such inquiries and investigations into personnel administration in the Public Service System as necessary.

To build a highly qualified, accountable, motivated and diverse workforce thus ensuring quality service to the people of Palau.

The Bureau of Human Resources (HR) accomplishes this mission through formulating policies and procedures that ensure fairness and equity in the treatment of the workforce; providing systematic support in recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining qualified and skilled employees; and implementing a merit-based system with measurable accountability for performance.

Since the Bureau of Human Resources (HR) is the agency in charge of disseminating the merit-value system, we strive to lead by example. We have chosen the following values to guide our behavior amongst ourselves and the public:

  • Accuracy and accountability in performing our services and duties
  • Responsiveness and respect to our customers and others
  • Advocating on behalf of employees within the system

The Bureau of Human Resources (HR) divides its day-to-day responsibilities into six different core business processes:

Job Placement – Recruitment, Selection and Appointment
Human Resource Development
Compensation and Benefits
Employees and Labor Relation
Records Management
Service Procurement

The Bureau of Human Resources has four (4) goals:

National Government Agencies use effective merit-based human capital strategies to create a rewarding work environment that attracts and retains qualified Palauans.

National Government Agencies adopt National Public Service System Rules and Regulations increasing law compliance thus improving their ability to build high performance organizations.

BPSS assists National Agencies develop and implement a comprehensive national human resource development plan to meet current organizational and individual needs.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness of BPSS in service delivery to meet the needs of the agencies.

Physical Address:
3rd Floor, Executive Building
Ngerulmud, Palau
Phone #: (680) 767-2415
Fax #: (680)767-2416

Mailing Address:

Bureau of Human Resources
PO Box 6011
Koror, Palau 96940