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Medical Referral Program

The Medical Referral Program (MRP) is currently under the Revenue & Finance Department. It manages the process of referring patients who require medical treatment off-island. MRP assists and coordinates with four (4) sites: Taipei, Taiwan; Manila, Philippines; India; and Honolulu, Hawaii. The Medical Referral Program ensures that patient documents and traveling arrangements are handled in a timely manner.

The Visiting Specialists Services is a part of the Medical Referral Program. It enables the Ministry of Health to improve patient access to high quality specialist services and compliments the quality case available at the Belau National Hospital. Patients and families appreciate the convenience of receiving high quality, local care.

The program has the added benefit of reducing the number of patients send on costly off-island medical referrals. Visiting doctors have offered services in the following areas: pediatric cardiology, audiology; pediatrics; neurology; dermatology; ear, nose, and throat; ophthalmology; urology; orthopedics; nephrology; and cardiopulmonary.


Merii Besebes

Jade Cruz

ChingHwa Lin
Shin Kong Hospital Coordinator

Contact Information

680-488-2552 or 2553 ext. 411