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Bureau of Public Health

The mission of the Bureau of Public Health is “To ensure that all members of our community have access to resources, education, knowledge, and services necessary to enable them to build skills and opportunities to reach the highest possible level of health.” In fulfilling this mission, the Bureau of Public Health embraces the value of community, decision-making based on evidence & data, the rights & culture of all, health equity, prevention & wellness, and the protection & improvement of the health of all in Palau.

The Bureau of Public Health is charged with the authority to enforce laws that protect the public’s health. It is accountable to the community for providing primary, preventive, and promotive services. The Bureau of Public Health operates various health clinics, including community health centers located in outlying states, and the Out-Patient Clinic (ODP) of the Belau National Hospital.

The bureau is organized into divisions, sections, programs, and offices. The four divisions address environmental, oral, preventive, and behavioral health. Additionally, there are sever cross-cutting programs that support the bureau: the Public Health Data and Medical Information Unit, the Epidemiology Unit, the Hospital & Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response, and the Community Advocacy Program.


Sherilynn  Madraisau

Eden Uchel
Division of Environmental Science

Edolem Ikerdeu
Division of Primary & Preventive Health 

Everlynn Temengil
Division of Behavioral Health

Janice Mathew
Division Oral Health

Contact Information

680-488-2552 or 2553