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Bureau of Nursing

The Bureau of Nursing (BON) strives to achieve its mission: “To Serve with Diligence and Compassion to deliver high quality care and services based on standards of practice that are acceptable to the people of Palau.” BON consists of the Division of Public Health Nursing and the Division of Clinical Nursing.

Whether the duties are caring for newborn babies in the Obstetric Ward, holding the hand of an ill patient whose family is too far away, or escorting a patient via airplane to & from health centers located in the upper and lower islands of Palau, Taiwan, or the Philippines, the MOH Nursing Team adopts and caries their mission that reflects their dedication and commitment to safeguarding the health of patients.


Antonnette Merur

Rufina Takashi
Division of Public Health Nursing

Marciana Ngirailemesang
Division of Clinical Nursing

Contact Information

680-488-2552 or 2553