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The Bureau of Environment is responsible in the protection of Palau’s natural environment, conservation of our precious resources, and promotion of sustainable development through regulatory oversight and enforcement.

Division of Protected Areas & Species

• Conserve biodiversity, maintain critical ecosystem functions, and sustain cultural and natural resources through a network of protected areas with representation of key areas defined by science and traditional knowledge.
• Arm State Programs with relevant/appropriate tools to further enhance effectiveness of protected areas
• Promote research and management of key indicator species
• Promote protection of endangered species through collaboration with key partners
• Control and if possible, eradicate Palau’s priority invasive species through collaboration with NISC and other relevant MAFE Divisions and/or NGO’s
• National Invasive Species Council Office Secretariat
• Coordinate the Protected Areas Network Office

Division of Forest, Land, & Water Management

• Improve the understanding, use, management, and protection of natural resources.
• Protect land and water through reforestation and rehabilitation actions.
• Promote Best Practices and integrated management approaches.
• Mainstream biodiversity, food production, and natural resource concepts into land and seascape planning.

Contact Information

Division of Protected Areas & Species
Division of Forest, Land & Water Management

(680) 767-3125

(680) 544-5804