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The Bureau of Fisheries shall be responsible for exploring, surveying, developing, managing, and conserving all near shore and offshore marine resources for the benefit of the people of Palau.

Division of Aquaculture

• Maintain and operate national aquaculture facilities
• Conduct aquaculture research and development
• Produce seedlings and fingerlings for priority finfish and invertebrate species
• Facilitate the development of sustainable and economically viable aquaculture fishery
• Provide technical and extension services to aquaculture farmers
• Develop database of aquaculture farmers

Division of Coastal Fisheries

• Plan, develop, manage, and enforce regulations on coastal fisheries
• Support development of coastal fisheries management plans
• Collect data on key coastal fisheries
• Assist and participate in research and monitoring activities related to all coastal marine resources
• Explore and research sustainable development of fisheries resources
• Maintain a Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) program
• Develop database of coastal fishers
• Develop appropriate coastal fisheries harvest control rules and regulations

Division of Oceanic Fisheries

• Explore, survey, develop, manage and conserve offshore living and non-living resources
• Establish the total allowable level of catch and fishing effort/set limits
• Allocate/sell fishing days
• Negotiate & issue fishing agreements
• Support the development of offshore domestic fishery

Contact Information

Division of Oceanic Fisheries
Division of Coastal Fisheries
Division of Aquaculture

(680) 488-3125
(680) 488-3125
(680) 488-3125