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The Bureau of Agriculture’s mission is to promote, develop, protect, and conserve Palau’s land-based natural resources and to assist families to have the skills, resources, and opportunities to ensure sustained food production, nutrition, food security and wise stewardship of ecosystems.

Division of Horticulture

• Technical support and extension services for produce and fruit tree farmers
• Nursery Operations
• Maintain seed bank for fruit Tree seedlings
• Work with partners to conduct horticulture & best agricultural practices
• Regular extension and farm visits
• Develop database for farmers

Division of Livestock

• Provide technical support and extension services to livestock farmers
• Develop best practices for livestock farming
• Breeding of livestock
• Produce livestock feeds
• Develop Certification for livestock products
• Operation of livestock slaughterhouse
• Develop database for livestock farmers

Contact Information

Division of Horticulture
Division of Livestock-Ngchesar
Division of Livestock-Nekken

(680) 622-5804
(680) 622-3003
(680) 544-1201